SearlStudio Kids Book Bundle

SearlStudio Kids is happy to present this three book bundle at a discounted price for a limited time.

The three titles included are:

1. Kayla and Eli Discover Jazz (hardcover)

2. Tupi Finds His Tune (8" board book)

3. Music Is A Rainbow (7" board book)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to share the gift of discovery to the little loved ones in your circle of family and friends.

Kayla & Eli Discover Jazz

Journey through time and discover the history of Jazz through the adventures of Kayla and Eli.

While spending a day at the park with their mom, Kayla and her little brother Eli hear Jazz music for the first time. Intrigued by the music, they dash toward the band for a closer look and encounter a mysterious person who takes them on a magical tour through time to discover Jazz for themselves.

From Dixieland and Big Band Swing, to Be-Bop and Latin Jazz Fusion; Kayla & Eli Discover Jazz introduces kids to the pinnacle periods of Jazz - America's classical music.

Type: Hardcover Book | Size: 8.5" x 11" | Age: 3 - 6 | Text: Large Font | ISBN: 978-0-9883670-2-9

Tupi Finds His Tune

It's carnival time and young Tupi awakes to the sights and sounds of celebration! But when Tupi tries to join in the singing and dancing, he can't seem to find his tune. Soon, Tupi begins a quest for his tune and learns that creativity comes from inside.

Type: Board Book | Size: 8" x 8" | Age: 0 - 3 | Text: Large Font (English & Spanish) | ISBN: 978-0-9895062-4-3

Music Is A Rainbow

Music and rainbows capture the joy and imagination of the human spirit. It’s no coincidence that there are seven notes of the musical scale and seven colors of the rainbow. With pitch-perfect rhymes and colorful illustrations, Music Is a Rainbow makes a whimsical connection between sound and color. Parents can also associate each color within the story with notes from the solfège scale: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO. The sturdy 7″ board book format is perfect for parents and toddlers to share.

Board Book Details

Type: Board Book | Size: 7" x 7" | Age: 0 - 3 | Text: Large Font | ISBN: 978-0-9895062-2-9